How Cookie Dough Fundraisers Score Big for Softball Teams

In the world of fast-pitch and pee wee softball, success isn’t just measured by wins on the field—it’s also about making a positive impact in the community. From supporting local charities to outfitting players with uniforms and equipment, the financial needs of softball teams can be significant. That’s where cookie dough fundraisers come into play, offering a deliciously simple way for teams to raise the funds they need while fostering team spirit and community engagement.

1. Bake Sale Bonanza: Host a bake sale featuring an array of baked goods made from Okie Dokey cookie dough. From classic chocolate chip cookies to inventive cookie dough brownies and bars, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Encourage team members and their families to contribute their favorite baked treats, and watch as the community comes out to support the cause.

2. Home Run Derby Dough-Off: Organize a home run derby competition where participants collect pledges or donations for each home run they hit. Amp up the excitement by offering prizes for the most funds raised or the longest home runs. After the competition, celebrate with a cookie dough-themed party, complete with treats made from Okie Dokey cookie dough.

3. Softball Skills Clinic & Cookie Dough Sale: Partner with local coaches and players to host a softball skills clinic for aspiring young athletes. Offer instruction on hitting, pitching, and fielding fundamentals, and provide participants with the opportunity to purchase cookie dough tubs to take home. Not only will participants improve their skills, but they’ll also support the softball team’s fundraising efforts.

4. Softball Snack Stand Spectacular: Set up a snack stand at softball games and tournaments, offering Okie Dokey cookie dough treats alongside traditional concessions. From cookie dough cups to cookie dough ice cream sandwiches, these sweet snacks are sure to be a hit with players and spectators alike. Use the proceeds to fund team expenses and charitable initiatives.

5. Virtual Cookie Dough Challenge: Embrace the power of social media by launching a virtual cookie dough fundraising challenge. Encourage team members, coaches, and supporters to create fun and engaging videos showcasing their love for Okie Dokey cookie dough. Share the videos on social media platforms and encourage viewers to make a donation or purchase cookie dough to support the team’s goals.


OKIE DOKIE is proud to support softball teams in their fundraising endeavors. With our delicious cookie dough flavors and easy-to-use fundraising program, teams can raise the funds they need for local charities, uniforms, sports equipment, and travel expenses. Our cookie dough-themed fundraising ideas offer a creative way to engage the community while generating support for the team’s goals. Whether you’re hosting a bake sale, organizing a skills clinic, or setting up a snack stand, Okie Dokey cookie dough is sure to make your fundraising efforts a home run. Ready to hit it out of the park? Contact us today to learn more about how Okie Dokey can help your softball team succeed both on and off the field.